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Eradicate Poverty?

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we give a portion of the company's profits to Charitable Organizations.

WORLD Poverty

World Poverty is prominent when the
basic needs of people are being deprived.
Things most of us take for granted everyday;
like food, water, shelter, clothing, and medicine for those who are ill. Poverty knows no color, no gender, no race. Poverty creates too many adverse effects.


Our Vision is to offer each member the
opportunity to turn their dreams into reality.
As each member becomes prosperous, the
entire community will thrive. Together we can
transform lack and limitation into economic
and social security.

We can change the world – one life at a time!!

Why Join UPB+?

One Time Out of Pocket
One Time $350 Membership Purchase.
All Upgrades and Admin Fees are paid from Earned Commissions.
Admin gets paid only when members are paid.
There are no monthly fees.

UPB+ Membership Includes
An Incredible Premium Line of Downloadable Educational Products.
A Host of Products from the UPB+ Buyers Club plus Commissions from Sales of all UPB+ Products.

No Waiting for Payment
Commissions are immediately paid into members e-wallet accounts when sales are made.

Unlimited Potential
Multiple Cycles Occur by Leveraging Earnings, Upgrading and Repurchasing.
This is a Member’s Ultimate Goal.

Purchases and Withdrawals
may be made using Bitcoin.


Join us on our journey to making a financial difference for you, your
families, and your communities – then, let us all impact the world!

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DISCLAIMER: All Sales Partners (members) are solely responsible for reporting and paying taxes from any payments received, where applicable. Since we are worldwide and the reporting varies depending on the country, we do not report to any of the tax reporting agencies. If you have questions or concerns regarding payments you may receive, you should discuss this with your tax accountant or attorney. There is no guarantee of earnings. Your level of success is dependent on the time and effort you put forth in the program, sales, advertising, duplication, following the rules and adhering to the Terms and Conditions.