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Leverage Your Money For Maximum Earnings

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  • One Time Out of Pocket
  • Additional Products Purchased with Commissions
  • Automated System = Automatic Upgrades
  • Unlimited Earning Potential
  • Valuable Products
  • No Special Skills Required
  • All Training Provided
  • Don’t Burn Your Money – Leverage It

This is the Education/Product System that generates Sales Revenue

Your “job” at UPB+ is to teach Sales Agents how to recruit and train new Sales Agents. The products you sell to those Sales Agents can be resold. When your Sales Agents resell those products, you earn your commissions!





DISCLAIMER: All sales agents (members) are solely responsible for reporting and paying taxes from any payments received, where applicable. Since we are worldwide and the reporting varies depending on the country, we do not report to any of the tax reporting agencies. If you have questions or concerns regarding payments you may receive, you should discuss this with your tax accountant or attorney. There is no guarantee of earnings. Your level of success is dependent on the time and effort you put forth in the program, sales, advertising, duplication, following the rules and adhering to the Terms and Conditions.