How It Works

1. Complete UPB+ Membership Account Registration.
2. Purchase UPB+ Membership Phase 1 Product Package.
3. Complete UPB+ Membership Requirements As Necessary.

After purchasing the first membership package (Phase 1 of 4) for $350, you will be positioned in the Team Build Structure so that you are eligible to have your Sales Partners purchase membership product packages and earn commissions.

You must activate and qualify your membership by making sales, inviting others to join and make their purchases. You must be qualified with 4 (four) sales, but with at least 2 (two) sales, you are in a position to start receiving commissions. We recommend that you make your first 2 (two) sales immediately after joining, and no later than by the completion of Phase 2. The other 2 (two) sales should be made no later than at the end of Phase 3, to be qualified for full commissions. You must be qualified with at least 2 (two) sales before you can withdraw any commissions or use it for Paying it Forward.

Once you are qualified and you’ve earned commissions that can be withdrawn, you may request UPB+ to have those funds sent to your preferred payment method by completing a withdrawal from your e-wallet in your back office. You may also use your commissions to purchase products from the UPB+ Buyers Club or for Paying it Forward.

You may start a new cycle by purchasing a Phase 1 membership package, enjoying more commissions as new Sales Partners enter the program. When purchasing a new Phase 1 membership package, you may choose to join under your original sponsor's link, using a different username and email address, for each new Phase 1 Membership purchase. You must activate and qualify for each purchase with 4 (four) new sales.

The Commission Plan page is available in your back office. Please review the page to learn about the different phases, and potential earnings at each phase.

        Continuous development of UPB+ will produce further commissions and enhance recruitment strategies.


Revised 11/01/19