1. Complete UPB+ Membership Account Registration.

2. Purchase UPB+ Membership Phase 1 Product Package.

3. Complete UPB+ Membership Requirements As Necessary.

After purchasing the first membership package (Phase 1 of 4) for $350, you will be positioned in the Team Build Structure so that you are eligible to have Sales Partners purchase membership product packages and earn commissions.

You must activate and qualify your membership by making 4 (four) sales, inviting other people to join and make their purchases. To be eligible to receive commissions earned from all sales, at least 2 (two) sales must be made by the end of Phase 2, and an additional 2 (two) sales no later than the completion of Phase 3. You may also choose to Pay if Forward for all 4 (four) new members.

Once you’ve earned commissions that can be spent, you may request UPB+ Admin to have those funds sent to your preferred payment method. You may also use your commissions to purchase NLA Coins and to purchase items from the UPB+ Buyers Store.

You may repurchase at each membership phase as soon as you complete the subsequent UPB+ membership phase. Simply purchase the corresponding membership package again, and enjoy the profits from that membership phase as new sales partners enter the program. You must activate and qualify each new purchase through Phase 1 with 4 (four) sales.

Continuous development of UPB+ will further commissions and enhance recruitment strategies.

Please review the Commissions Plan page to learn about the different phases, products and potential earnings at each phase.

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Product Based Membership

This is the Education/Product System that generates Sales Revenue Your “job” at UPB+ is to teach and train new Sales Partners. The products you sell to those Sales Partners can be resold. When you and your Sales Partners resell those products, you both earn commissions!



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